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Providing an online hub of practical learning tools, advice and support that meet your social-emotional, cultural and religious needs.


Our quest is to provide Black, Asian and Minority ethnic (BAME) communities with support and guidance to ensure that their socio-cultural, health and educational needs are met.  We aim to do this by creating a safe and inclusive environment for individuals to blossom, develop and grow.    


We want to address the isolation and emotional impact that is often experienced by families with neuro-diverse children, and young carers. This can be particularly impactful for groups who are already marginalised and are disproportionately affected by barriers to support. The Little Treehouse will provide information from a range of support networks to ensure that families can find other families who share their lived experiences. Our directory aims to provide access to BAME advocates, therapists and practitioners, who are well versed in SEN and have an understanding of your cultural, and religious needs.neu


We aspire to help foster a more equitable and nurturing education system for all. According to the 2020 parliamentary report, 1.3 million pupils in England with SEND aren’t getting the support they need.  Through our courses, articles and research we aim to arm teaching staff, BAME parents, children and young people with information regarding their rights, current SEND legislation, policy and research, and practical learning tools.


By increasing the visibility of BAME practitioners with families, we hope to increase access and engagement to support. In turn, this will reduce isolation and connect families who, not only share cultural and religious identities but, the unique experience of being neuro-diverse. Long term, we want to address the imbalances in SEN support and work towards improving outcomes. Our aim is for the learning resources and the visibility of practitioners to empower local authority and community services to seek the guidance and support of BAME colleagues. This will enable them to better facilitate programmes that show awareness of the uniqueness and diversity of these groups within the wider community.




We want to develop a hub for Black, Asian and Minority ethnic children and young people have to access guidance and support from BAME practitioners in health, education and well being.


BAME professionals provide a pivotal part in ensuring their communities needs are heard and understood. We want to increase the access to these services; BAME colleagues, professionals and advocates, thus improving communities.


We want Black, Asian and Minority ethnic communities to flourish. By providing support to families, we want to serve communities across the life span.


Let's recognise diversity and put the views of CYP at the centre of our work.